Why natural rubber is the perfect material for gong mallets and friction mallets

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Have you ever taken a closer look at the materials we use to make our mallets and gong drivers? Have you ever taken a closer look at the materials we use to make our mallets and friction mallets? Why? You’ll find out in this post.

Have you ever taken a closer look at the materials we use to make our mallets and gong drivers?

Natural rubber is obtained from the sap of certain trees and is characterized by its special elasticity. In most cases, natural rubber comes from trees native to South America or Southeast Asia. The rubber milk, which is initially very liquid, is extracted from the bark, collected and then processed until it becomes a solid mass. The resulting rubber is further processed into very different products: Tires, rubber products and especially mallets and friction mallets for gongs.

Natural brown rubber pieces after rolling
Natural rubber pieces after rolling for ollihess mallets

5 reasons why natural rubber is the perfect material for gong mallets and gong drivers

1. Exceptionally light material

Natural rubber is a very light material due to its structure and composition. It consists of long chains of carbon and hydrogen atoms linked together. The advantage: Due to the optimal weight distribution between head and handle, the Mallet is always well balanced in your hand. Even if you play the gong for an extended period of time, you won’t get tired in your arms or back that quickly.

2. Natural rubber is environmentally friendly

Natural rubber is a sustainable material because it is biodegradable and contains no synthetic chemicals. As with all the materials we process, we have chosen a vegan and particularly environmentally friendly alternative for the mallet head. If environmental protection is a concern for you, a mallet or friction mallet made of natural rubber is a good choice.

3. Elasticity brings a wide spectrum of sound

Natural rubber is a super elastic material and has a high restoring force. Combined with our unique insulating layer, this creates a mallet that has a very special springy, “bouncy” effect. This feature makes it possible to produce an incredibly wide spectrum of sounds. If you strike your gong very gently with our mallets with natural rubber core, you can create a soft, warm sound. But if you hit the gong harder, you can also create a powerful, loud sound that brings intense vibrations.

4. Durable and wear resistant

Natural rubber is in itself already extremely durable and resistant to wear. In addition, with a mallet made of natural rubber, the core will not break through the insulating layer at some point, causing a significant change in the sound or possibly even damaging your gong.

In addition, a friction mallet with pure natural rubber head is very resistant to abrasion and has a long life, which means that it retains its properties even with frequent use and contact with other materials. This is another advantage for the use of natural rubber.

5. Good damping for soft and warm sound

Natural rubber can absorb sound waves well. A material that absorbs sound waves well does not reflect them back. If you strike a gong with a natural rubber mallet, this mallet absorbs the sound waves and thus ensures that the sound is soft and warm.

So natural rubber is the perfect material for gong drivers and gong mallets, as it can produce a wide range of sounds, besides being durable, wear-resistant and environmentally friendly.

Olli Hess has been producing mallets and gong drivers from natural rubber for many years. Each gong mallet and friction mallets was once designed in his workshop and is subsequently produced by hand in small family businesses. So if you’re looking for a high quality and extra durable mallet for your gong, you’ve come to the right place.

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