Why buy gong drivers online at Olli Hess?

From our point of view, this question can be answered quite simply. There are so many reasons to do so.
Where do you like to shop? In a shop where they take time for you and your needs?
In a shop for fair and ecologically sustainably produced products? Do you like to buy products from a manufacturer and inventor who understands and loves his craft?

You see, these are all good reasons to buy your gong driver from our shop. Olli Hess himself has been passionately playing gong and sound instruments for many years. He knows the variety of available gongs, gong drivers, mallets and singing bowls as well as their strengths and weaknesses.

From all this knowledge and a head full of new ideas, Olli Hess has developed his own gong series, gong drivers and mallet series.

The gong drivers Crazy Egg and e-Gong are, just like all other products of the ollihess series, a registered trademark and visions and developments matured by him personally over years. With attention to detail for a magical sound experience.
Applicable for all areas. Sound massages, sound therapy, gong concerts and intuitive playing.
Do you have any questions? Contact us! We will be happy to help you.

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Are there differences between gong drivers and mallets?

Oh, yeah. There is. Gong drivers and gong mallets are two completely different products. A gong driver produces completely different sounds than a mallet.
With a gong driver you produce tones by “friction” with the rubberized head, with a mallet, on the other hand, by gentle to incendiary strokes.
The sound result also differs accordingly.
Think of the bright and touching whale and dolphin songs or the famous Tibetan mantra “Om” chanted by monks.

These, and many more indescribably beautiful sounds, can be produced with a gong driver. By indescribable, we also mean indescribable. We thought long and hard about what words we could use to describe the sounds. We didn’t succeed. You simply have to let yourself be enchanted by the gongmallet and the rubbing of your gong. Enchanted, touched at the deepest level and surprised again and again by the variety of sounds. That’s probably the most approximate description.

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Do I have a right of withdrawal in the Gongreiber Shop?

Yes, you have a right of return and revocation at Olli Hess.de. The statutory cancellation period of 14 days applies. You will find a detailed explanation of the return procedure in our General Terms and Conditions.

Can I buy further accessories for the gong drivers in the ollihess shop?

There are no accessories for gong drivers, as gong drivers themselves are accessories. But at Olli Hess you will find further great accessories for gongs, sound instruments or the fields of yoga and mediation.
At this point we would like to especially recommend the mallets specially developed by Olli Hess. Olli Hess gong mallets in combination with an Olli Hess Reiber form a perfect team.
For intuitive playing, sound therapy, sound massages and also concerts.