Tree planting with Planet Tree – our small investment in a greener future

Plant tree with Planet Tree

Every tree planted today can make an important contribution to climate protection in just a few years. For us at Olli Hess, preserving nature and handling raw materials as gently as possible have been integral parts of our philosophy since the company was founded. But “only” the careful use of resources is not enough for […]

ollihess Gong Training 2019 and 2020

Chakra Gong Mallet CH4

Olli Hess Gong Training Small group with a maximum of 6 participants In this practice-oriented gong training I will show you different playing techniques for gongs. After a theoretical part with information about the background and production of different gongs and mallets, the practical part follows, in which you can try out the gongs, mallets, […]

Gong: history, types of gong and everything you need to know

It is therefore hardly surprising that the gong has been used as a musical instrument throughout the history of mankind. Later reports, for example from ancient Rome, show again and again what an important role the gong played in everyday life. The Romans developed the gong further and turned it into an instrument hanging on […]

Effect of singing bowl meditation & gong meditation on your well-being

Sound meditations have played an important role in human history for thousands of years. Current research shows that sound meditations and sound baths were used countless generations ago to combat stress-related illnesses. What emerged in the course of history has constantly evolved over the centuries. Today we know that the most important thing in sound […]

“New” Professional Gong Mallet lite 100 and 200

A new dimension in gong playing: the PGM-lite mallets Music is always evolving, new instruments are being developed, new ways of using existing instruments are being found. And with the new possibilities there are always new accessories: either new materials come on the market, or you see something new, get ideas and then try it […]

What are the special features of the ollihess gong driver Lava Edition?

Gong Reiber Lava

With the Lava Edition of the ollihess gong drivers a very special series of rubbers has been launched! Like all our gong drivers, the ollihess gong drivers Lava Editon are made of the highest quality materials and have been developed with extra dedication, love and sweat. Olli Hess not only pays attention to an eye-catching […]

5 reasons why you should buy a gong

An often underestimated musical instrument, with an incredibly relaxing effect is undoubtedly the gong. We’ve rounded up five reasons why you should get a gong. The gong is undoubtedly one of the most underrated sound instruments around. At the same time, he has an incredible sound spectrum and, above all, an enormous influence on the […]

Differences between Gong Mallets and Gong Drivers

Chakra Gong Mallet CH4

There are basically two methods for eliciting the variety of sounds from a gong: rubbing or striking. For this purpose either gong mallets or gong drivers are used, which have various differences. We would like to explain these differences to you here. First and foremost, several questions need to be answered first: Which gong do […]

Singing bowls: history, production & everything worth knowing

hess klangschale in heavy fog

A singing bowl is a bowl made of bronze, which is set into vibration by hitting or rubbing and emits sounds. There are different types and techniques. The history of the singing bowl The singing bowl is said to have its origin in the Far East. In Tibet, Nepal, China, Japan and India, the originally […]


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