Sound meditation with gong or singing bowl: instructions and text

Man playing gong during gong meditation

Looking for more inspiration for your daily sound practice? No problem! We have prepared instructions and a text for you that will guide you step by step through your next sound meditation. We also explain to you what is important in a singing bowl meditation or gong meditation, what you should pay attention to and […]

How to use a singing bowl: How to use the mallet and reamer correctly

Singing bowl with ollihess professional mallet move the line edition

The meditative effect of singing bowls and the numerous positive effects that the delicate sounds have on us are no longer controversial. In some cultures, the singing bowl has been used for hundreds of years – for example, as a musical accompaniment to rituals or in meditation. If you want to use a singing bowl […]

Procedure of a singing bowl meditation

Woman with singing bowl driver

A singing bowl meditation has a calming effect, can release anxiety and free you from your worries. Our tips for preparing and running a singing bowl meditation can help you integrate this ritual even better into your everyday life. While meditation with singing bowls is very individual and can therefore be tailored to your needs, […]

Sound Healing – how to improve your inner balance with sound healing

Sound healing with singing bowls

The positive influences that music has on our health have been known in many cultures for hundreds of years. Even today, music therapy is not infrequently a component of psychotherapeutic treatments. Sound Healing, however, goes one step further. Here we are mainly concerned with the resulting sound waves that are emitted when playing a gong […]


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